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With the decline of Photobucket leaving us with nasty blogs and forum posts  we have all been looking for suitable alternatives for graphic hosting and linking ..
I've been using Postimage for a while now, and so while i would heartily recommend them... I wanted to see if their windows APP was any faster ......and it was   but its still in beta and there were no instructions with it once i worked it out i thought id let you all in on

so cup of tea at the we go
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First of all if you haven't already got an account with postimage go and register now

its free :)
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Next go to the app page you can find the link at the top of any page on the Postimage site

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You will see two download links  click on  SETUP.EXE  and once its downloaded click on the exe file and follow the instructions  ..I'ts no different from any other exe file and it does not carry any unwanted software (like adobe and its surprise macafee )

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Once its all installed you wont see anything blatantly obvious....but open a folder that contains  an image left click and hover over the " Send To "

 see the Postimage link...... when we have set it up a bit more well return to this

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We need to Sync our account with our computer so you need to go to the main installation folder for the app... (if you cant remember where it went just do a search...i had to lol )

open the folder there two shortcuts in there  double click on the shortcut...(not the Internet shortcut)

then click on  ...Settings....

Click on the "Account "  Tab...yours should be blank so click the My API key link this will take you to the website to a new page.....log in if you need to
you will get a generated key

copy and paste this key into your settings box and click OK

so far so good time for more tea

πŸ’’ 6 πŸ’’

Lets upload some pics.....
Postimage will create a gallery with the same name as the folder you uploaded from so this parts up to you ... if you want to create a separate folder for each lot of tags so its easy to just delete the gallery from postimage  when they are all picked up  do so  ...I'm lazy i just dump them in any folder  all over my tag's section  and have 20 mixed gallery's lol

so save some pics and go to the folder they are saved in

select all the pics you want to upload and right click

 go down to Send To...Postimage  and click..

                                                                           πŸ’’ 7 πŸ’’

after a short while  (the images are uploading) a small box appears  

If you have only uploaded one image go ahead and copy the url from this lil box  (otherwise the link just goes strait to the gallery at Postimage).
you can change how you want the link by altering the drop down box can choose between  Direct Link...Forum BBCode ...or Html

At the same time it will also open a web page  with a list of all the files you uploaded so you can just copy and paste them all and insert them into a post at the same time   ( no more forgetting which names you've added already )

here as you can see they are in a gallery named tuttest  as i created a new folder  for this tutorial 

well that you uploading and posting...
but the App does screen shots too

  πŸ’’ 8 πŸ’’

just like any screen shot program you use your PrintScreen button on your keyboard to launch the screen shot ability however you can change the hot keys in the settings tab 

so lets find some to take a shot of   and go ahead and click print screen...or your hot key

now drag a rectangle around the area you want to shoot  and let go
your screen shot has some buttons to use   enlarge this next picture to see what they do  however you only need to hover over them and they will tell you....

notice the edit button ?

have a play with this..

you can add watermarks..shadows..borders   and text  ..a note here at first the text wont look like its working you need to drag a box the size you want the text then it will appear
you can also and ac also open any other image and use it...quick and handy   not precise but that's what we have our fave graphics programs for..

i hope this has helped

go get another cuppa you deserve it ....Char...xx

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